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HybridAir™ Technology

AXCELL’s proprietary HybridAir™ Technology was developed by MACS™ Research over a 13-year period. The cutting-edge hull design is expressly crafted to pump low pressure air into the twin air-cushion cavities to literally lift and lubricate the hull, thereby reducing friction while making it exceptionally light as it transitions from displacement mode to high performance planing. The seamlessly automated lift fans are engaged automatically via the throttle control, and hydraulically driven by the main engines.

Highly efficient, shallow draft articulating surface drive propulsion, is equipped with 5-blade surface piercing propellers which operate with only half of the blades in contact with the water; as a by-product, a magnificent rooster tail is developed.

The splendid orchestration of all this high technology results in an unprecedented mix of speed, efficiency and performance, all topped by an especially comfortable driving experience.

In comparison to traditional deep-V hulls, this truly radical cat tears up the conventional competition. She easily pounces with higher speeds for the same horsepower, while delivering a greater range for the same fuel capacity.

From design and engineering through tooling and construction, no expense has been spared in the dedicated development of this exciting new model.

One of the most distinctive features of this fascinating yacht are its custom signature Gills that are not only stylish, but also highly functional. Mounted high above the shear and utilizing rear facing gills, the four forward segments provide the large opening required for the lift fan intakes, while the remaining two are provided for the engines. Water and low level fan noise are thereby directed away and to the rear.

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