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How It Works

Axcell’s HybridAir™ system uses a hovercraft derived lift fan located in the engine room to inject pressurized air into specially contoured hull cavities.
The pressurized air supports approx. 31,000 lbs of the vessel’s weight. It also forms a boundary layer between the hull’s bottom and running waterline, significantly reducing drag.

Throttling forward automatically engages the lift fans at 1350 rpm, which then hydraulically transfers approx. 6% of the engines horsepower to the lift fans, allowing the HybridAir™ system to provide tremendous speed and fuel efficiency advantages with smaller engines.

The Air Intake “Gills” are located high on the hull side facing aft to direct water spray away from the fan and engine air intakes. Internal fan components are fiberglass and stainless construction, specially designed to be exceptionally quiet, with no objectionable whistle or whine.

The Axcell 650′s performance, fuel efficiency and ride are like no other yacht. The internationally patented HybridAir™ system creates exceptional speed and comfort while reducing draft and fuel consumption.

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